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The Revolution

Piata Revolutiei

It was here, at around midday on December 21, 1989, that the Ceausescu regime began to crumble. A white marble triangle, with the inscription Glorie martirilor nostri (Glory to our martyrs), points (slightly innacurately) to the low balcony above the entrance of the former Central Committee building (today the Senate) from where Nicolae Ceausescu held his last public speech. It is today difficult to imagine all that went on the not so distant past, as the area is quiet, but the (deliberately preserved) bullet holes on the building opposite (above the Humanitas book shop) are a reminder of the madness of those December days. After initial protests here (which forced Ceausescu to abondon a speech) the crowd was fired upon, and dispersed, only to regroup in Piata Universitatii.

Piata Universitatii

Ten stone crosses on the traffic island in the middle of B-dul Nicolae Bălcescu pay homage to those killed during the revolution, while a black cross at number 18 marks the spot where the first victim of the revolution fell in Bucharest. Mihai Gâtlan died here on December 21, 1989, at 17:30. Revolutionaries had gathered here after the earlier protests at the Central Committee building further along the road. (See Piata Revolutiei). A long night of pointless killing followed, with die hard revolutionaries manning barricades in front of the Inter Continental hotel, from where forces loyal to the old regime, as well as conscript soldiers who had little idea what was going on, fired into the crowd as it was forced to disperse shortly before dawn.

Televiziunea Romana

Calea Dorobantilor 191
Tel: 230 57 10
Sight of one of the fiercest battles of the December 1989 revolution, it was from the broadcasting rooms in this building that the end of the Ceausescu regime was proclaimed on the night of December 22/23 1989. The rather futuristic building itself dates from 1968, to this day remains the home of state television.

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