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The Civic Centre

Civic Centre

B-dul Unirii, P-ta Unirii
Of all the atrocities commited on Romanian territory in the name of socialism, few rank as monstrous as the destruction of an entire district of the capital to make way for the Centru Civic, or Civic Centre. Str. Uranus (see the map of Bucharest circa 1979, below) was completely razed to the ground, as were most of the streets running from it. The centrepiece of the Civic Centre, Casa Poporului (see below) stands on the site of the Republic sports stadium (marked by 92 on the map), a wonderful art deco construction based on Rome's Olympic Stadium. Churches, houses, hospitals and even a monastery also had to make way for Casa Poporului, and for the five kilometre long B-dul Unirii, which stand today as little more than monuments to madness. The northern end of B-dul Unirii has become a ghost town (see feature) while the Casa Poporului itself survives as the site of the Romanian parliamnet, and is rather worryingly the city's most popular attraction.

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