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Restaurants & Cafes


Burebista Pescaresc

B-dul Nicolae Titulescu 39-49
Tel: 318 14 92
It's a seafood restaurant Jim, but not as we know it. The aquarium is all very nice but though there is fish on the menu, but nothing too much beyind the standard grilled crap (carp) or pastrav (trout). Real lovers of seafood know that Mesogios really is the only show in town, which is why this sad affair is usally empty.


Str. Calderon 49
Tel: 313 49 51
While other seafood restaurants come and go with alarming regularity, the high standards at Mesogios have ensured that it remains imperious. Five years since it opened its dedication to seafood has not waned for one moment, and the happy punters who flock here to pay what are relatively high - but fully justified - prices are never disappointed. Join them and enjoy squid, lobster, prawns of all sizes, mussels, oysters, sea bass and a host of other wet treats.

Trattoria Roma

Str. Mihai Eminescu 114-116
Tel: 210 81 57
Seafood with an Italian flavour, or Italian with a seafood dominated menu. Either way this is a great restaurant serving super food - dominated by the outstanding fish dishes - at very reasonable prices. Word is spreading and getting a table is getting increasingly difficult. Reservations needed.

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