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Restaurants & Cafes



Calea Mosilor 195
Tel: 210 97 04
Don't let the location put you off, as for next to nothing, you'll get a slap-up and unpretentious meal that includes all of your local favourites, including an excellent ciorba de burta and some of the best sarmale we have tasted. The live music is entertaining if way too loud.

Burebista Vanatoresc

Str. Batistei 14
Tel: 211 89 29
Fri: 12:00-24:00
The smell of the wooden fixtures and fittings could convince you that you're in the countryside, not metres away from the city centre. Portions are good, the food tastes super (good smoked meats, such as the smoked sausage and white beans, and lovely fresh sarmale) and all have a personal touch to their taste. Prices are more than reasonable. The live, loud folk band add to the party atmosphere. Recommended.

Casa Bucur

Str. Poenaru Bordea 2
Tel: 336 15 92
Fax: 337 28 38
Fri: 10:00-23:00
Hidden behind the edge of the Centru Civic in an area that survived demolition, Casa Bucur sits in a quiet, old fashioned enclave of contrasting greenery. If you actually ignored the setting and just focused on the food, you would be a touch let down. The dishes all have a sense of being state-owned and come in meagre portions. And the slow, uninterested service leaves a bit to be desired.

Casa Doina

Sos. Kiseleff 4
Tel: 222 31 79
Fax: 222 67 18
Alma mater of Romanian restaurants, an integral part of the city's rich tapestry. During the summer the gorgeous terrace and garden pulls in the cream of Bucharest sociey, served by charming, splendid waiters in smart dress. The food is superb, and in a city where standards rise only to fall so often, Casa Doina can be considered a paragon of consistency.

Casa Oamenilor de Stiintă

Piata Lahovari 9
Tel: 210 12 29
Fax: 210 12 84
There's little doubt that a restaurant called the 'House of the Scientists' has an enticing feel. Popular for weddings and other forms of mass-drunken celebration, the location is central but also beautifully secluded behind a rose garden. The food is typically local (chicken, pork and stodgy vegetables) and comes is large portions for little money.

Count Dracula Club

Spl. Independentei 8A
Tel: 312 13 53
Fax: 310 04 01
Sun: 17:00-24:00
You should try not to leave Bucharest until you have experienced the excellent cabaret at the Count Dracula Club. For what is a themed, very-tourist centered restaurant, the food is refreshingly good, and attempts to take Transylvanian cuisine to new levels. Prices are good and offer tremendous value for money.

Crama Culmea Veche

Str. Culmea Veche 2
Tel: 0743 00 30 71
Romanian food has always been good, but few restaurants in Bucharest have really ever done it justice. Culmea Veche is one of those places that pushes the boat out, however, even going as far as to boast that they will try and cook whatever recipe you bring along. We have yet to take them up on this challenge, as we are still getting through the 100 or so dishes that Culme Veche has come up with on its substantial and good value menu.


Str. Doamnei 9
Tel: 314 64 81
This restaurant should stop being cruel to animals - literally - as when you walk in there's a few sad-looking deer and ducks trying to get to grips with crowds and concrete. Average food but a good folklore show on the massive stage, and a top selection of local wines. Not the best place in town for a quiet dinner though.

Golden Blitz Center

B-dul Nicolae Titulescu 10
Tel: 212 50 50
Romanian dishes that are very well prepared. What was a little off-putting when we visited was the cliquey atmosphere that prevailed. No dish particularly excelled and similarly no dish seemed worthy of avoidance. A vague review, but that is how the place is.

Hanul Hangitei

Str. Gabroveni 16
Tel: 314 70 46
Good little Romanian restuarant serving well cooked and prepared local dishes to a mainly local workaday crowd. A good lunchtime spot.

Hanul lui Manuc

Str. Franceză 62-64
Tel: 313 14 15
Fax: 312 28 11
Swim naked through raw, radioactive sewage before you venture a foot into this offence to restaurants. Atrocious food, even worse service and an almost 100 per cent guarantee that you will need to haggle over the appearance of things you did not order on the bill. Not even the historic building makes a meal here worthwhile. Dire, dire, dire, dire, dire.


Calea Grivitei 143 (Hotel Ibis)
Tel: 222 27 22
Standard Romanian and international food in the Hotel Ibis. Prices are good and the breakfast is great. Unprepossessing interior with lots of brown plastic furniture, but generally OK. Open 06:30 - 10:00/12:00 - 14:30/ 19:00 - 22:30.

La Mama

Str. Barbu Văcărescu 3
Tel: 212 40 86
Fri: 10:00-04:00
Sat: 10:00-04:00
The default choice for expats wanting to eat Romanian, and for Romanians with little imagination. It may be popular, though that is in the first place because it is cheap. The menu has hardly changed at all since the first of what is now a chain opened in 1999, and though hearty portions of standard splodge appear in minutes you'll leave with a sense of why did you bother. For the real Romanian experience there are far better - and less crowded - places to go. Open 10:00 - 02:00, Fri 10:00 - 04:00, Sat 10:00 - 04:00. Also at (I-3), Str. Delea Veche 51 (tel. 320 52 13, 0723 292 846), (C-4) Str. Episcopiei (tel. 312 97 97, 0721 526 262) and (F-3) Splaiul Independentei 210-213 (inside Orhideea Shopping Centre, tel. 220 33 95, 0724 505 605).

La Taifas

Str. Gh. Manu 16
Tel: 212 77 88
The thinking man's La Mama. La Taifas means 'having a chat' and that's exactly what you and your friends will feel like doing at this tres jolie venue. We remain convinced that the original venue behind the Hilton on Str. Episcopiei was better, but the new location is spacier, has a great terrace in spring and summer and more regular musical accompaniments. The food is great, and booking is still essential.

Locanta Jaristea

Str. George Georgescu 50-52
Tel: 335 33 38
For a genuine taste of Romania, both food and atmosphere, then you can't do much better than Jaristea, a real part of the city's history. Super Romanian delicacies will keep you coming back for more... but be warned: you will not get a table in the evening without a prior reservation.

Moara Mariei

Str. Blănari 14
Tel: 315 64 94
Fax: 313 18 80
Originality is not usually associated with Romanian restuarants, but this place has plenty of it. A great concept (you'll see what we mean) and super Romanian cuisine. Recommended. Open 24 hours.


Str. Maria Rosetti 40
Tel: 211 24 80
Sun: 13:00-23:00
If you don't mind waiters treating you with utter contempt – and, let's face it, you're in Romania, so you can't mind that much – you can enjoy some standard local fare at Nicoresti, while trying to pluck up the courage to order the brains, a local delicacy that hardly deserves the description.

Pui de Urs

Str. Econom Cezărescu 42
Tel: 316 62 88
The only real draw of the 'Bear Cub' is that it stays open forever, allowing insomniacs to feast on indifferent Romanian cuisine at four in the morning. Open 24hrs.


Str. Ion Brezoianu 23 - 25
Tel: 315 83 75
Another good Romanian restaurant, right in the centre of town, and offering some of the best ciorba you'll find in the capital. Right around the corner from IYP towers, we've spent many a happy lunchtime in here for little more than a pittance. Recommended.

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