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Restaurants & Cafes


Al Casolare

Sos. Bucuresti-Targoviste Km. 45
Tel: 225 41 86
Mon: Closed
Sat: 12:00-03:00
Sun: 12:00-03:00
Much talked about Al Casolare is an intimate Italian restaurant on the fringes of the city, on the route to Targoviste. you will need a car to get here. The food is all fresh, home made - the venue is also indeed the patrons' home - and good value, if not cheap.

Alexandra Café

Sos. Nordului 7-9
Tel: 0722 33 48 13
The quality of Alexandra Cafe is no longer a surprise. The secret of this place's success: good value food and drink in a classy-ish setting is now well and truly out. All of which means reservations are wise if you want to find a table on busy evenings.

Angel's La Cucina Italiana

Str. Paris 52
Tel: 231 90 44
Fax: 231 90 45
Tremendous Italian restaurant and pizzerie in swanky Dorobanti, popular with a sharp crowd and snappy dressers. Angel's keeps the quality of its food high, and it regularly improves its menu. The pizzas - cooked in a wood oven as a good pizza should be - are among the city's best. The service is great too.


Str. Alecu Russo 4
Tel: 211 28 20
Superior Italian food and a swish, bright interior make Aquarium worth a visit. Sadly some less than salubrious individuals agree – members of Romania's national football team were spotted getting plastered there. If you can enjoy a meal despite the occasional bout of showing off, get to the fish bowl.
Kitchen closes at 23:30


Str. Ion Ghica 2
Tel: 0721 76 55 55
What was the awful Dining Room is now Bellini, an Italian offering little more than the old Italian Rubik's Cube trick, where you simply spin and twist around more, or less, of the same ordinary meat, pasta and vegetables and attempt to impress the clientele with a vast selection. Great location, not overpriced and they make OK pizzas. But let's face it, it is almost impossible to make a bad pizza nowadays.


Str. Radu Beller 11
Tel: 231 08 97
Not bad at all. It's a bit of a trek, but it's well worth it for the food. The quality and range is good, even if the portions are smaller than you'd get elsewhere. This is the only Italian that has broken away from the standard, utterly predictable tourist-trattoria menu that every other Italian restaurant in the nation doggedly clings on to. Expect the service to be poor though.

Buona Fortuna

B-dul Aviatorilor 19
Tel: 260 04 32
Italian restaurant in a lovely part of town, not really worthy of the surroundings. Pizzas are super, however, prices are good, and the covered terrace a pleasant venue from which to watch the world go by.

Caffe & Latte Wine Bar

B-dul Schitu Magureanu 35
Tel: 314 38 00
Long one of Bucharests's best cafes, Caffe & Latte have gone in to the restaurant business in a typically understated way. You can enjoy good bistro food at very reasonable prices, all opposite Bucharest's loveliest park. The cafe next door is still serving the city's best coffee, too. Open Tue-Sun 12:00-15:00, 19:00-23:00. Closed Mon

Caffe Milano

Bd. Dimitrie Cantemir 2-2A
Tel: 335 64 09
Cheerful but not cheap Italian on the corner of Unirri, which is something of a restaurant black hole, as anyone who has stood in the square, hungrily racking their brains will testify. Whether you want a plate of pasta or a coffee and a drag, the bright Caffe Milano will oblige.


Str. Icoanei 18
Tel: 211 12 35
A smoky and sparsely decorated Italian restaurant with faded photos of Italian cities. Eat your pasta and take care of clandestine business in the separate VIP room. Quality of the food if not the service has undoubtedly improved in recent times.


B-dul Ion Ionescu de la Brad 2
Tel: 0722 224 799
What might initially seem a mediocre venue is in fact a bustling pizzeria whose menu is a veritable dictionary of pizzas. They even do truffles and, let's face it, you don't see those every day. Worth making the journey uptown for both the food and the atmosphere, which demonstrates that top restaurants don't have to be swanky.

Casa M

Str. Grigore Gafencu 19-23
Tel: 233 26 32
Of bright airy Californian style, the design of this building caused a sensation when it opened two years ago. And the crowds are still flocking for some of the best food in the city, all served in the best of atmospheres. Can be a bit showy and flash, however, and it is certainly not cheap.


Calea 13 Septembrie 90 (JW Marriott Grand Hotel)
Tel: 403 19 02
The JW Marriott is rightly proud of this restaurant, one of the most upmarket Italian eateries in town. It was an instant success when it opened, and it still leads the pack in terms of professionalism. An extensive full Italian menu changes constantly, and it is as popular as ever with media stars and local business leaders. Highly recommended.


Str. Viitorului 8
Tel: 212 33 38
How word travels when there is something good in town; this small place was an instant success. Situated between Dacia and Icoanei the quality of the grub is simply superb. So are their prices which, given the high standard are generally rock bottom. Hugely popular with the beautiful night set (but maybe on a budget).

Excalibur Bistro

Str. Polona 61
Tel: 211 76 89
Sat: 16:00-24:00
Sun: Closed
Little known and surprisingly good Italian restaurant. You can't miss it – there's a suit of armour outside the front door. But don't let that deter you, as a pleasant and subtle dining environment awaits you, along with some fine fare. The Gorgonzola cream soup remains a delectable memory.

Gallo Nero

B-dul Decebal 12
Tel: 326 81 28
New Italian restaurant on the site of the doomed North Shield pub. The Black Cock is - as you would expect - big and brash, with modern Italian cuisine dominating a varied and inventive menu. For proof that there is an after-life for standard Italian food, this is probably the best place in the city to come.

High Life

Str. Grigore Alexandrescu 6
Tel: 650 63 61
Sat: 12:00-01:00
Sun: 16:00-01:00
Well they say they are an Italian chophouse, but let's get real: they are a Romanian restaurant serving food a la Italienne. But what is noteworthy is that they sell it at bargain prices, with main courses (everything you anticipate) at around 12 lei noi and that, by anybody's money is an absolute bargain. It is a four room converted villa adjacent to the vast Orange office complex. Superb value and recommended for its no frills approach. Pay around 20 lei noi without booze and eat yourself until stuffed.

Il Gambero Rosso

Str. Av. Stefan Protopopescu 64
Tel: 230 32 10
Fax: 231 26 31
Tremendous effort on the part of the owners of the Red Prawn to create a restaurant in Bucharest just as you would find on Italy's Adriatic Coast. Italian and seafood dishes dominate a sensational menu, though look out too for the daily specials chalked up on the blackboard. Small and coquette, it has some great rooms upstairs for private dinners. Get here quick.

Il Gattopardo Blu

Calea Victoriei 115
Tel: 212 78 86
Sat: Closed
Rich in wooden and tiled decor and ideal for secret romantic meals (very discreet and quiet) the Italian food is totally agreeable and has a good selection of seafood and meats, as well as fine pastas. Prices are high but justified by the service, ambience, and professionalism of the kitchen staff.


Str. Plantelor 40
Tel: 315 12 02
Fax: 312 62 35
Mon: Closed
There are so many good Italian restaurants in Bucharest that when a new place opens the immediate reaction of the city's foodies is one of indifference. Karmis cured this particular fooide of such indifference however, somewhat instantly. The setting is gorgeous, and the food is classically prepared by disciplined chefs who ensure high standards at all times.

La Dolce Vita

Str. Occidentului 44
Tel: 212 87 27
Perenially popular cellar restaurant which packs in Italian punters like there is no tomorrow. The food is good and the atmosphere the friendly, familiar side of cramped; just how your favourite trattoria in the old country would be. Those who like to eat in wide open spaces with elbow room to spare should prenda un controllo della pioggia .

La Fattoria

Str. Ing. Emil Pangratti 35
Tel: 230 83 50
Fax: 230 83 50
Plush Aviatorilor is home to this fine, nay brilliant Italian restaurant, opened in 2003. The menu is long and tempting, and the dining room a grand gastronomic pleasure. Prices are good, and value is high. A top time guaranteed, just make sure you book or you could have problems getting a table, as word of this place's brilliance is out.


Str. Dr. Clunet 15
Tel: 411 91 28
A fairly glorious setting in the leafy and cosy Cotroceni area, amongst Museum's huge portions of well prepared Italian food you will find a number of dishes to tempt you. Reenovated last year, the place looks smashing. Pleasant surroundings with plenty of plants, you'll find a meal affordable and very good value.


Str. Dr. Lister 1
Tel: 411 63 30
None too clever restaurant opposite the opera that struggles to attract clients now that the super new Red Bistro has opened across the road. Cheap and cheerful food, less than cheerful service.

The Offshore

B-dul Lascar Catargiu 56
Tel: 650 59 04
Seafood dominates the menu here, and you'll find a couple treats you may not get elsewhere: John Dory, for example. The smart interior (with a basement bar popular for parties) is usually forsaken at this time of year for what is (literally, thanks to the coolers) the coolest terrace in Bucharest. It isn't cheap.

Trattoria Edgar

Str. Vasile Lascar 24
Tel: 312 99 78
Sat: 11:00-01:00
Sun: 11:00-01:00
Italian trattoria in the heart of Bucharest opened by the same people who run the excellent Edgar's Pub, one of the city's best.

Trattoria Il Calcio

Str. Mendeleev 14
Tel: 0722 134 299
Fri: 12:00-01:00
Sat: 12:00-01:00
Sun: 12:00-24:00
Perennially popular Italian, which has opened two more Bucharest outlets to try and cope with the demand. A gamut of excellent Italian dishes are served unpretentiously by staff in football shirts. It may sound tacky but the queues speak for themselves. The original Amzei outlet has now added a long overdue – if rather small – non-smoking section. That and a more sophisticated crowd than at Herstrau make it the better choice, even if you are so close to the next table you could easily join in their conversation.

Trattoria Verdi

Str. Emanoil Porumbaru 9
Tel: 222 50 98
A new Italian restaurant which has been setting high standards from day one. Good food and service, a lovely setting and the thumbs up from our Italian restaurant correspondents all suggest that you should get there fast.


Str. Popa Savu 29
Tel: 222 72 10
Excellent Italian restaurant in a lovely villa in a quiet area of the capital. The food is terrific - the chef a real pro - and the dishes are all genuinely Italian. Best place to sit is the raised semi-terrace out the back, but you'll need to reserve a tble here.

Zerillo's La Trattoria Italiana

Piata Lahovari 2
Tel: 210 83 46
The fleet of luxury cars outside accurately convey its prices and pretensions. Good food – as well it ought to be. And the tables are spaced out affording diners some discretion and quiet.


Str. Decebal 9
Tel: 321 00 19
Not half-bad attempt at creating a genuine Italian bistro. The food is certainly excellent value, while the bar downstairs can often be enjoyably lively.

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