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Restaurants & Cafes


Barka Saffron link

Str. Av. Sãnãtescu 1
Tel: 224 10 04
How long does a restaurant have to be around before earning the title legend? Whatever it is Barka Saffron is now fully deserving of the moniker, as it continues to be one of the most reliably excellent bar and restaurants in Bucharest. Good if not brilliant Indian food and drinks, enhanced by splendidly laid back surroundings, staff need shaking up enough. Refreshing, and recommended.


Str. Teodosie Rudeanu 3
Tel: 222 18 55
Fax: 222 18 55
More like an Indian restaurant you'd get in the UK than Eastern Europe. It's the only one in Bucharest the expat Indian population appears to go to. With a new manager and a new Indian chef things have recently improved even more, making it a genuine, authentic choice. Recommended.


Str. Iancu Capitanu 36
Tel: 252 51 57
With an Indian chef overseeing everything in the kitchen, you are guaranteed reasonable Indian food in this super villa a short distance from the city centre. With tens of vegetarian, chicken and lamb choices on the menu, it is one of the best places in town for mixed groups. Home delivery and take away possible.

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