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Restaurants & Cafes


El Greco

B-dul Decebal 17
Tel: 326 80 98
Great place for vegetarians, as there is a vast number of dishes available, and far too numerous to mention here. Yet meat eaters are not forgotten, and true to Greek tradition, beef dishes are in abundance, mostly grilled. Lamb and fish were sadly lacking, however. The price of the meal? Exactly half what we anticipated it to be. This place has to represent some of the best value for money in town.


Str. J. L. Calderon 16
Tel: 315 81 41
Super Greek restaurant at the El Greco hotel, serving more than 100 authentic Greek dishes, including 31 different meze. Seafood dominates the menu, and note that the hardware is flown in fresh from Greece: nothing frozen at Rodon. Sardines, squid, swordfish, octopus, mussels... it's all here, its all fresh and it's all regularly available.

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