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Restaurants & Cafes


Dragon House

Str. Piata Amzei 1
Tel: 314 77 00
A fabulous location, but you will hate the food. It is a basement restaurant which in this bright sunny city is a distinct disadvantage. The food is appalling and they cannot even cook the basic tourist staples such as ‘sweet and sour chicken/pork/ prawn.' We ordered one to give them a chance with an easy dish, and the simple sauce was unrecognisable while the batter on the pork was not crispy but instead a thick gooey pancake batter. They know nothing.


Str. Mendeleev 7-15 (P-ta Amzei)
Tel: 212 90 84
Slightly disconcerting to see a Chinese restaurant with no visible Chinese staff (which probably accounts for the four people who came in while we were there only to be surprised by the menu that it was, in fact, a Chinese restaurant). For this is the real thing. It looks like Chinese, tastes like Chinese. Go in a large group to group to sample all of the fabulous dim sum.

Nan Jing

Str. Gheorghe Manu 2-4
Tel: 311 15 50
Fax: 312 39 63
The Nan Jing's claim to fame is that it's the oldest Chinese restaurant in Bucharest, having been founded in the 1960s. The food has a sort of Chinese- style to it, but even though portions are large (and so they should be considering the prices) the nosh is no better than average. Popular with those staying at the Minerva Hotel (the Nan Jing is situated in the hotel's lobby).


Calea Victoriei 16-20 (Pasaj Villacrosse)
Tel: 310 31 60
The strangely secretive location (upstairs in the beautiful Villacrosse arcade) is the best asset of Pekin as the food is distinctly average. Dishes are sizeable and cheap, however, and the service is good.

Templul Soarelui

Str. Mihai Eminescu 151
Tel: 211 16 93
This place boasts literally hundreds of selections on its menu, but it is all bluff, such as ‘pork with peppers, without peppers, with rice, without….' Well it's a load of bull and they stretch out the menu with variations simply to impress you. The reality is that they are offering the same dishes as everybody else. Also at Str. Vasile Lascar 205 (tel. 212 29 55)

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