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Restaurants & Cafes


La Belle Epoque

Str. Radu Beller 6
Tel: 230 07 70
Popular Belgian beer cafe in Dorobanti, a favourite after hours drinking spot for those who work in the surrounding area. Good, simple cooking - a great club sandwich really hits the spot after a tough day at the office - and all your favourite Belgian beers, most on draught.


Str. Al. Donici 14
Tel: 211 90 35
Crowded, smoky and out of the way – none of which remotely matters because of the quality of the food, which is superb. Deservedly popular, this is Belgian and European fare of the finest flavour. Booking is essential, and when you take your first bite you will understand why.


Str. Traian 188
Tel: 320 35 88
It's rough and ready with long bench seats which means you may find yourself sitting with a stranger who is the person of your dreams. The prices are such good value, they will shock you. The quality won't shock, as it is good. It's in a less than salubrious part of town, but well worth the visit. Go for it.

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