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Bucharest Comfort Suites

B-dul Nicolae Bălcescu 16, et. 1-3
Tel: 310 28 84
Fax: 310 28 87
These luxurious apartments in the very heart of the city are just perfect. Large and comfortable, they all come with air conditioning and large bathrooms, televisions and internet access.

Centre Ville Aparthotel

Str. Luterana 2-4
Tel: 312 70 70
Fax: 312 09 27
Another of the growing band of apartment hotels, this one offering a full range of large, luxury, full service rooms with all the amenities you need, in an extremely central location. You will also find the CentreVille bistro on the same site, serving breakfast, pizza and good bistro food until midnight. VAT not included.

Class Hotel

Str. Garlei 30A
Tel: 233 28 14
Fax: 233 28 83
Located in a charismatic and quiet street in the northern suburbs, the ultra-modern Class has spacious rooms pretty much up to five-star standard, some having lavish bathrooms and green views into the nearby countryside. And don't forget to take advantage of the good restaurant serving up breakfasts that'll keep you going for a while. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Calea Victoriei 56
Tel: 313 41 14
Fax: 312 01 34
Even though this is one of the grandest and most pleasant hotels in the city, it was completely deserted when we visited. The elegance of the exterior is both complemented and contrasted inside, in the sense that inside is plush but has a shocking blue colour scheme. All the rooms are spacious and offer good views, but the bathrooms are a little small even though they have handy bidets. Prices include VAT and breakfast. City tax not included.

Crystal Palace

Str. Cpt. Av. Alex Serbanescu 18-20
Tel: 233 20 30
Fax: 232 02 26
Hotel out on the way to the airport owned by the controversial Romania Mare MP Dumitriu Dragomir, who also happens to be the boss of Romania's professional footballers' association. Hence the slighty over ostentatious decor of the place, but service is excellent (multi-lingual, helpful staff) and friends who stayed here reported only good things. Prices include VAT and breakfast.

El Greco

Str. Jean Louis Calderon 16
Tel: 315 81 31
Fax: 315 88 98
New four star hotel in the old residential heart of Bucharest, just a few hundred metres from Piata Universitatii. A Neo Classical facade gives way to reveal large and well furnished rooms, with big double beds and classy bathrooms. Common areas are well kept and there is a small, cosy bar to enjoy a nightcap in. Prices include VAT and breakfast.

Golden Tulip

Calea Victoriei 166
Tel: 212 55 58
Fax: 212 51 21
Newest hotel in Bucharest. Rooms are large and well appointed, and at the moment they offer some of the best value in the city. Wireless internet in all rooms, a great breakfast, fitness club and loads more extras all inlcuded in the price. The location, on Calea Victoriei, is great too. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Str. Banu Manta 24
Tel: 223 49 65
Fax: 312 15 69
New hotel in the north of the city, and a real find. Lovely rooms, sauna, restaurant and a wrought iron gate that suggests class the moment you see it. Handy for the station (Gara de Nord) and Piata Victoriei, the location is good too. Not a cheap sleep, mind you. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


B-dul Magheru 5-7
Tel: 314 49 30
Fax: 312 14 14
Stylish art-deco building in the centre of town with tastefully decorated rooms (but not in an art-deco style) with undersized (but still adequate) bathrooms. Lovely garden, pool and terrace out back. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Calea Victoriei 38-40
Tel: 310 27 20
Fax: 310 27 99
With a thorough refit now complete, the Majestic is once again one of the top hotels in the city, offering high class services, large rooms and second-to-none amenities. Sauna and fitness centre, massage, hairdresser and a fabulous new ground floor bistro, and all on the city's main thoroughfare. Excellent. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Str. Corbeni 30
Tel: 211 09 79
Fax: 211 09 80
Smart, wonderully decorated establishment that succeeds in breaking away from the tedium that besets most Bucharest hotels in this class. There is real thought and individuality behind most of the rooms, and the large beds are fantastic. Staff are great, and there is guarded parking: a real bonus in this town.


Str. Izvor 106
Tel: 411 99 90
Fax: 411 99 91
Aptly named, considering it's next to the Palace of Parliament, this place treats you like an individual and makes sure that everything is ship shape and Bristol fashion. Most rooms have a jacuzzi in the bathroom, but are otherwise a little on the small side, albeit luxurious. VAT not included. Prices include breakfast. Free transfer from/to airport.


Str. Aron Cotrus 31
Tel: 232 33 47
Fax: 232 34 60
When one of our staff first saw a brochure for the Persepolis he asked "is that in Romania?" Persepolis is that stunning: a veritable palace of luxury that offers every delight a visitor could want. Rooms combine class and elegance with space and warmth, while the peripheries are just as good, from the helicopter landing pad (a first in Bucharest) to the vast swimming pool. Recommended. Prices include VAT and breakfast.

Piccolo Mondo

Str. Clucerului 9
Tel: 222 57 55
Fax: 222 95 22
The Picollo Mondo has long been recognised as the home of Bucharest's best Middle-Eastern food, and it now also offers a hotel which must rank among the best value places to stay in town. Good, well-appointed four-star rooms, and, more importantly in this town perhaps, a quiet area of the capital ensuring a peaceful night's sleep.

Relax Comfort Suites

B-dul Nicolae Balcescu 22
Tel: 311 02 10
Fax: 311 02 13
The latest offering from the Comfort Suites people, these new apartments are in a great central location, and offer all the luxury and convenience of the original Bucharest Comfort Suites. Prices include VAT and breakfast.

Sky Gate

Calea Bucurestilor 283
Tel: 203 65 00
Fax: 203 65 10
Like most of the world's great airports, Otopeni too has its airport hotel. Across the road from the airport, the Sky Gate has a clinically clean feel to it, nice rooms and cheerful staff. There are also conference facilities and a sports centre, as well as a restaurant serving up good traditional fare. VAT not included. Prices include breakfast.


B-dul Decebal 19
Tel: 316 65 18
Fax: 316 65 19

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