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B-dul Magheru 8-10
Tel: 315 90 80
Fax: 312 35 95
Set in a large and impressive but slightly worn art-deco building in the centre of town, the Ambasador offers simple, plain but good-sized and well priced rooms all with private bath and WC. Note that the rooms overlooking the busy street outside can be noisy, however. Prices include breakfast. Prices include VAT and breakfast. Extra bed €8


Str. Abrud 1A
Tel: 223 43 13
Fax: 223 43 14
A lovely hotel in a civilised part of the capital offering an excellent range of services to a growing band of happy businessmen and tourists. Railway station and airport transfer available. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Piata Rosetti 5
Tel: 313 10 56
Fax: 312 65 47
A beautiful but unkempt-looking facade conceals the fact that most of the rooms are modern and clean and come with a television and spacious bathrooms. If there's a group of you, then the apartments are good value.


Str. Dr. E. Bacaloglu 2
Tel: 314 90 22
Fax: 314 08 87
Like many other hotels that were built during the communist era, the Batistei hotel has an outdated 1960s retro feel. Everything has an orange/brown tinge to it, state-owned ashtrays are inabundance and the place is lonely. At least the spacious rooms have a television in them to keep you company. Prices include VAT and breakfast.

Best Western Parc Hotel

B-dul Poligrafiei 3-5
Tel: 315 20 00
Fax: 319 87 82
A smart, professional and modern establishment. The size of the rooms is generous, the décor is in good taste, and mod cons - including dataports - are plentiful. Only 10 minutes away from the centre of town, this hotel is probably the best three-star place around. Doubles can take an extra bed on request. Free transfer from the airport. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Str. Badea Cartan 16
Tel: 211 95 94
Fax: 210 27 31
Classy little three star not too far from the city centre. Rooms are well appointed, tastefully decorated - doubles have large beds - and the common areas are spacious and well lit. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


B-dul Regina Elisabeta 21
Tel: 315 33 00
Fax: 312 39 23
Chintzy and full of slightly over the top gold and velvet décor. The central location does wonders for the hotel's popularity, but even though the rooms are spacious and comfortable, there's nothing amazingly special about the place. Prices include breakfast.


Calea Victoriei 29
Tel: 315 80 30
Fax: 312 41 69
A long period of renovation has returned the Capitol to its proud status of one of Bucharest's classiest hotels. With a location to be envied, on Calea Victorir just minutes from Universitate, their is a real Parisian elegance to the building. The rooms are luxuriously large, as are the beds, and have double-glazed windows to protect you from the noise outside. Prices include VAT and breakfast. Prices include VAT.

Caro Club

Str. Barbu Văcărescu 164 A
Tel: 208 61 00
Fax: 208 61 01
Very swish hotel in the ever-popular northern area of the city. The place looks like a beautifully converted red-brick Victorian warehouse and is actually three separate buildings and a lot of surrounding greenery. All rooms have dataports, are spacious and are very well (simple colours) decorated. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Str. Ion Brezoianu 13
Tel: 315 56 35
Fax: 315 56 37
Has the atmosphere and look of an impersonal but professional city centre hotel that could be anywhere in Europe. Recent renovation has added a sparkle to the rooms, which are bright, have a TV, minibar and a bathroom with shower. Extra bed €20. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Calea Bucurestilor 255 A
Tel: 266 48 80
Fax: 266 48 90
Otopeni International - sorry, Henri Coanda - has got itself another hotel in close proximity, this time the Confort, just a short wing span from the airport. Good value, well equipped and really rather spacious rooms on offer, but it is the location you will be coming for. Prices include VAT and breakfast.

Confort Traian

Str. Traian 55
Tel: 308 31 53
Fax: 308 31 55
From the people who brought you the Hotel Confort out by the airport, the Confort Traian is a hotel much closer to the centre of the city. Standards are high, and all the well-appointed rooms are of a good size. Service is friendly and multi-lingual. Prices include VAT.


B-dul Mărăsesti 70-72
Tel: 335 55 41
Fax: 335 63 06
Excellent little hotel situated just south of Piata Unirii. All amenities, comfortable rooms, and close to the centre of town. Prices include breakfast and transfer from the airport. Prices include VAT and breakfast


B-dul Dacia 125
Tel: 210 39 58
Fax: 210 39 17
Smart addition to Bucharest's enormously popular three-star scene. The location is central without being noisy, and the rooms themselves are all well-sized and well-equipped. Staff are friendly, befitting a small hotel, and ready to see to your every need. Prices include VAT and breakfast


B-dul Dacia 33
Tel: 317 41 86
Fax: 317 41 89
A lovely little hotel in a nice part of town, full of surprises and little luxuries. The staff are helpful and polite, and the whole ambience is conducive to relaxing. Spacious rooms, large bathrooms, and all the amenities you need. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Str. Elizeu 11-13
Tel: 319 17 35
Fax: 316 17 48
New three-star hotel just north of the city's main railway station. Neat and tidy it is not big on frills but offers good rooms and high standards of service for a good price. All rooms are air conditioned, beds are large and the on site restaurant is fine. Prices include VAT and breakfast.

Euro Casa Bucur

Str. Poenaru Bordea 2
Tel: 336 15 22
Fax: 337 28 38

Euro Hotels International

Str. Gheorghe Polizu 4
Tel: 212 88 39
Fax: 316 83 60
A good new hotel offering charm and good value rooms in an excellent location close to the Gara de Nord. Surprisingly large, all rooms have air conditioning and televisons, and good bathrooms. This is not the best area of town, however. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Str. Stefan Mihăileanu 20
Tel: 327 65 72
Fax: 327 65 73
Belgian-run and very professional with a friendly, family-like atmosphere. Rooms are all spacious and as refreshing as spring and all have lovely en suite bathrooms. The restaurant downstairs is definitely worth trying. Prices include VAT and breakfast.

Floreta de Aur

Str. Av. Popa Marin 2
Tel: 230 64 96
Fax: 230 64 96
Cheap and cheerful little place in Floreasca, offering decent rooms in a quiet part of the city, as close to Suburbia as Bucharest gets. For what you get, you are paying peanuts. Prices include breakfast.

Four Seasons

Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae 129C
Tel: 490 85 13
Fax: 490 85 13
Lovely pension in a leafy suburb offering excellent value rooms, with cable television and all the other mod cons you could possibly need. The bathrooms are fabulous, and the breakfasts (included in the price) are to die for. Prices include VAT and breakfast.

Hanul lui Manuc

Str. Franceză 62-64
Tel: 313 14 15
Fax: 312 28 11
One of the oldest buildings in Bucharest, which once played host to all kinds of heroes and villains in its days as a caravanserai, this place is still pulling in the crowds with its good value rooms. A great location right on Piata Unirii. Prices include VAT.


Piata Charles de Gaulle 13
Tel: 223 05 66
Fax: 223 05 67
For what you get, you're paying a relatively small amount of money. The location, in the north of the city and overlooking the leafy Herastrau Park, is lovely, and the rooms are impressively quiet even though they're only a step away from a bustling roundabout. The beds are big enough to sleep a small family and the décor is pure and tasteful. Behind the Helvetia on Str. Popa Savu 75 is their annex, Vila Savion (8 doubles, same prices). Prices include VATand breakfast.


Sos. Nordului 7-9
Tel: 232 96 66
Fax: 203 99 23
One of the most historic hotels in the city, located on the shore of gorgeous Herastrau Lake, in the middle of the city's largest park. Great location, nice rooms, and good value. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Bd. Dimitrie Cantemir 2
Tel: 335 40 31
Fax: 335 40 78
Smallish but not uncomfortable rooms in a very good location, on Piata Unirii, with the added benefit of one of the city's best pizzerias directly underneath. Prices include VAT and breakfast.

Ibis Gara de Nord

Calea Grivitei 143
Tel: 222 27 22
Fax: 222 27 23
The Ibis is just about the best value hotel in the Romanian capital, offering well appointed rooms with good bathrooms, comfy beds and televisions boasting more channels than you can watch, at a more than reasonable price. The Ibis is not found in the most salubrious area of town, it must be said, but it should be hoped that the hotel will act as a catalyst for much needed rejuvenation of the zone around Gara de Nord. Prices include VAT.

Ibis Palatul Parlamentului

Str. Izvor 82-84
Tel: 222 27 22
Fax: 222 27 23
The second Ibis hotel to open in Bucharest is just as good as the first. Situated just south of the enormous Palatul Parlamentului, it has all the services and little extras you would expect of an Ibis hotel. Rooms are simple but well sized, bathrooms are super, and for the price, value for money is high.


Str.Gheorghe Manu 2-4
Tel: 311 15 50/55
Fax: 312 39 63
The Minerva is reknowned and popular for its pleasantly intimate and slightly secretive atmosphere. The rooms are sizeable, have televisions, fabulous beds and adjoining bathrooms. There are also two apartments that can be rented out for long-term stays. Prices include VAT and breakfast.

Opera - Boutique Hotel

Str. Ion Brezoianu 37
Tel: 312 48 55
Fax: 312 48 58
The Opera is back! Once a terribly grotty hotel fit only for the desperate, the Opera has been completely renovated and is now a great value, mid-range hotel offering good rooms, excellent service, and a super location right in the centre of town. Recommended. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Str. Smardan 11
Tel: 313 93 15
Fax: 313 93 16
A remarkable hotel where, in exchange for a relatively small amount of money you get some of the most spciaous and best decorated rooms in Bucharest. Original wooden floors set the tone, and crisp white bed linen, stacks of freshly puffed towels and subtle lighting finish it off. The location, opposite the Romanian National Bank in the heart of historic Lipscani, is super too. Prices include VAT.


Str. Clucerului 19
Tel: 223 19 78
Fax: 222 90 46
Fantastic hotel in a good area of the capital, offering large, excellent value rooms and super services. There are little touches of class all over the hotel that suggest they really care. The wrought iron beds, for example, are fabulous. Prices include breakfast. Airport transfer available on demand. The restaurant is also worth a visit, serving good international cuisine. Entirely recommended. Note that walk-in rates are often considerably less than the rack rates published here. VAT not included. Breakfast included.


Str. Nicolae Caramfil 63
Tel: 233 39 90
Fax: 233 39 71
Newish hotel in a good area of town, part of the booming mid-range sector. Good value rooms, all a good size with nice bathrooms and excellent services. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Str. Armand Calinescu 19
Tel: 310 12 16
Fax: 310 12 41
Smart, modern and very yellow hotel not far from the centre of Bucharest. The decor is a step-above the norm, with bright colours and really quite orginal design making a refreshing break from the beige and tan of other places in its class. Almost every room has a balcony, and some even have hydro-massage showers. A good breakfast is included in the price. Prices include breakfast and VAT.

Tiny Club Hotel

Str. Cauzasi 27
Tel: 323 72 61
Fax: 323 72 62
Looking supremely modern on the outside, the tiny Club hotel is in fact a classical, classy hotel that attempts to make all its guests feel as at home as possible. The rooms are large, beds are grandiose and all have individual cliate control and cable TV. Pries include VAT and breakfast. Extra Bed 25%


Str. Lacul Sarat 2A
Tel: 210 12 74
Fax: 212 59 34
Lovely hotel near the Turkish Embassy which is simple but pleasant and offers air-conditioned rooms all with en suite bathrooms. The apartments have a jacuzzi. Seven more rooms in another location at Str. Buzesti 20, all doubles, and all costing US$45 (excluding VAT) per night. VAT not included.

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