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Str. Witing 2
Tel: 212 71 54
Fax: 212 66 41
Best of the bunch around the Gara de Nord, and a backpacker favourite, even though most of the rooms are barely big enough for the aforementioned backpack to fit in. Some of the doubles have a TV and private facilities, and the staff are helpful. You could do worse. Prices include VAT.


Str. Matei Millo 16
Tel: 315 01 40
Fax: 312 18 57
Good place for bargain hunters: central, clean and amazingly modern with friendly, sometimes multilingual staff. You have the choice of six different types of room, each being different in size and facilities offered. Skinflints can go for the smallest rooms with shared (and clean) bathrooms, while the bigger rooms have en suite facilities and televisions. Prices include VAT and breakfast.

Casa Victor

Str. Emanoil Porumbaru 44
Tel: 222 57 23
Fax: 222 94 36
Escape from the hectic atmosphere outside and relax your weary body in a secluded and personal atmosphere. Rooms are tastefully furnished and simple and have small bathrooms (some with only a shower). There's a special discount of 10 per cent for stays of more than three weeks. Prices include breakfast. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


B-dul Dinicu Golescu 29
Tel: 311 05 35
Fax: 311 07 21
Dirt cheap hotel opposite Gara de Nord . Cheaper rooms have no facilities (there is a shared shower and toilet in the corridor) while those (more expensive) rooms that offer a private bath also offer a TV and telephone. Prices include breakfast. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Str. Buzesti 3
Tel: 212 83 66
Fax: 312 94 55
Not exactly fit for a queen, but absolutely fine for budget conscious backpackers who want to be near the Gara de Nord . The only luxury your room has is a 1980s looking telephone (expensive to use). Showers are shared but perfectly clean and modern. Does look slightly scary from the outside, and this is not, take note, a great part of town. Prices include VAT and breakfast.


Str. Academiei 19-21
Tel: 314 60 10
Fax: 314 17 82
Large, cheap hotel in the centre of town offering good value for budget travellers. Some rooms have a private bath, others share bathrooms on the corridor. A few have a TV, hence their higher price. Breakfast is served in a restaurant around the corner. Prices include VAT.

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